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Gender MALE
Location Reno-Tahoe, NV, United States
Introduction It was back in 2008, after watching one of the first MonsterQuest “Sasquatch” episodes with my then, 8 years old son, we started researching sightings on the internet. It was then I realized that there have been numerous sightings, not far from where we live in Reno, Nevada. I hadn't realized before then that there was any sasquatch activity around Lake Tahoe, or the surrounding Sierras. With this new found revelation, I became obsessed with anything and everything “bigfoot.” Already having a blog in currency trading, and after reading a few other bigfoot related blogs, I then decided to start blogging on bigfoot, with a focus on the eastern Sierra Nevadas. This began as a hobby, an activity to do with my son. Since, it's turned into a passion of mine. I've begun my own field research, and am now scouting areas along the California/Nevada border. I enjoy the outdoors, as an avid sport fisherman, and scuba diver, so I feel that I'm not too far out of my element, "squatching." I enjoy talking bigfoot with anyone who's interested, and encourage everyone to get off the couch, and get out there to experience, and humbly respect, the squatch's domain.