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Occupation Marketing Manager
Location Cheshire, United Kingdom
Introduction I haven't got the energy to go into me, rather than to say that, deep down, I am jolly nice...but that's a matter of opinion. I hope you agree! Comments are welcome on this blog - the more encouragement we can give to each other the better. And it IS encouragement that we need. To progress, to improve and to get well. Flamers and Trolls are not welcome. There are forums out there for negative stuff, honestly!
Interests Amateur Dramatics, Theatre, Reading, Being with the Family (most of the time!), cooking, baking, cleaning (yes, I really enjoy that!)
Favorite Music Hmmm...this changes like the weather. I confess to getting a little bit turned on by Frank Sinatra and Don Williams at the moment. But that won't last, honestly - for God's sake, I fancied Shane McGowan from The Pogues for a day when I was 18!
Favorite Books Naked: David Sedaris. Just read it and then you will understand where I am coming from.

Your hand has been replaced by a rubber stamp. What does it say?

Who thinks these questions up? I guess mine would say, Don't forget to buy Marmite...