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Introduction I guess you could say it was love at first bite. I was a stressed out first year law student with too much reading and no time to cook. They were the cheesecake brownies at Au Bon Pain. One year, nine classes, and many brownies later I had gained thirty pounds and outgrown an unfortunate number of my favorite clothes. Whoops! My name is Ashley and I have had a weight problem for most of my life. I started down an unhealthy path during my first year of law school, but now that I am in my second year I have decided to make some positive changes in my life. That, my friends, is how Downsizing was born. I am on a mission to reach a healthy weight, wear a smaller size, eat a little healthier, and run a faster mile. I want to reach my weight loss goals, but more importantly I want to learn to love myself the way I am no matter what size I happen to be.