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Introduction The Faditors... Like: The Victoria's Secret Angels (erm... how about Rob Pattinson?), champagne, sleeping 'till 2pm, blackberry messenger, blackberry brick breaker, pretending to be famous, throwing tantrums over outfits, blackberry brick breaker and blackberry messenger. Disklike: Sunglasses inside especially in clubs, trucker hats, bagel heads (see post for details. Yuk.), early mornings, the end of the bottle, deadlines, Tim Westwood. Favourite Foods: Snicker Icecream, Macaroni cheese, brocoli, licorice straws, roast chicken. Three things for a desert island: Tanning oil, sunglasses and a pina colada (may as well see it as a free holiday.) Two luxuries: Private jet and being stranded on a desert island.