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Gender MALE
Industry Human Resources
Occupation hunter, protector, bon vivant, ladies' man, rapper, crooner, mayor, cowboy,hypnotist, super-hero. Could Pope be next?
Location Pensacola and thereabouts, Gulf Coast, United States
Introduction In short, I'm a feller & a short feller at that. But what I lack in size I make up with a winning personality. People love me, really. Ten years ago I adopted my Momio and changed life, liberty and the persuit of happiness for the little lady. I have an assortment of aliases that I can't get into right now but all will be revealed. I'm very tasty, especially my paws & my I tell my Dadio: one taste & you're hooked! Keep up with my shananagans and get hooked on the Ghee.
Interests Lady Folks, sniffin, critters, watchin out for Momio and Dadio, pontificatin, puppy shows with baby sister, talkin to the little feller, expandin my horizons, critters, ridin in the car, going for walks, & so on & so forth.
Favorite Movies Ratatoille
Favorite Music Born Free...Free as that Wind which Blows
Favorite Books How to Win Friends and Influence People, Possums are People Too