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Occupation Freelance Writer
Location Rogers, Arkansas, United States
Introduction Okay, so I'm not "Mother of the Year." I've made my share of mistakes as a woman of 42, but in the last seven years as a mother, my ability to blunder has reached new heights. On more than one occasion, my face has gotten in the way of flying feces, and most of my shirts are stained with a not-so-fashionable mixture of food and drool. I don't have dinner ready every night. But on the days that I do, I keep my fingers on the nine and double ones, in the event my husband returns from work and keels over from shock. My house isn't perfect, and my life most days seems to be a bit of a mess. But I love my children, I love my husband, I love my friends, and I love to write. So while most days I don’t have enough time to get a shower in, I started this blog to bring a little of "Tate" back into my life, and hopefully along the way, make a few others out there smile, and better yet, laugh out loud.