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Occupation Student
Location CA, United States
Introduction UPDATE:I'm now midway through my third year of medical school. I'm nearly through my final year of college. I'm a biochemistry major with add-on majors in piano performance and violin performance. I have a minor in English. Next year I'll move on to bigger though not necessarily better things.
Interests Pediatric General Surgery Hematology Human Genetics Current events, kim Jong Il, Court TV & judge shows, Judge Alex, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Non-mainstream religions, FLDS, Robert Kirby @ SLTrib, The Birthers, First Amendment issues, abnormal psychology, research relating to twins
Favorite Movies The Hangover, ET, The Graduate, Saved!, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Drop Dead Gorgeous, House of Cards, Amazon Women from the Moon, Best in Show, Black Devil Doll from Hell, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
Favorite Music Bach organ works, Boo Radley*, The Dead Kennedys*, Kidney Thieves*. *I don't actually like the music of any of these groups but I really like the names of the groups so I support them by purchasing their music and because I don't like to waste money I play the music from time to time to annoy various members of my family.
Favorite Books Agents in My Brain, When Men Become Gods: Mormon Polygamist Warren Jeffs, The Stupids Die, Are You There Vodka: It's Me Chelsea, Under the Dome, My Name is Aram, Of Mice and Men, The Analyzing Your Dreams Dictionary

What kind of tape is best for creating a sculpture?

Duct tape is the only kind of tape anyone really needs for anything. Period.