About me

Location South, United States
Introduction I am a woman whose outlook changed after the morning of September 11. I never really paid much attention to politics, history, the military, etc. I lived my life happy, safe and secure. I was awake early on 9/11, turned on Fox News Channel and saw our country being attacked live and in color. Like many other Americans, my life will never be the same. I want us to be safe from any and all terrorists. We must be on guard at all times, in all ways, to prevent something like that from happening again. Our boarders must be secured. The terrorists must be fought on other ground, not American soil. My education is in Business and Religious Education. I have worked in the legal, medical and educational areas. I served at assistant to the Honorary French Consul in Memphis, Tennessee and assistant to the secretary of the Giant Rats of Sumatra (Sherlock Holmes society). More about me later...
Interests music, art, books, the security of America after 9/11
Favorite Movies Somewhere in Time
Favorite Music Andrew Lloyd Weber, Elton John
Favorite Books Jonathan Kellerman, John Sandford