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Favorite Music aboombong, Memoryhouse, ART ABSCONs, This Lonely Crowd, Paavoharju, Kemialliset Ystävät, Barbagallo, Ariel Pink, Ducktails, The Hirundu, The Smiths, Foxes In Fiction, AXXONN, The Bodines, Werewolves, Hangin Freud, Smashing Pumpkins, Les Marquises, Wochtzchèe, Air, Space, Ballpen, Nicolas Bernier, Simon Trottier, Elisa Luu, adamned.age, Holy Fuck, Bilinda Butchers, The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Wonder Wheel, Chenard Walcker, Phaseone, Brian Borcherdt, Vincent Lillis, Alexei Borissov, Outasight, Spiritualized, Silver Apples, Joxfield ProjeX, Cagey House, Darling Buds, McCarthy, Mercury Rev, Rolling Stones, Coolrunnings, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Suede, Bishop Morocco, Alexander Martovsky, Time Columns, Darger, Pram, Beatles, The Cure, Woodworkings, Portishead, Radiohead, Jacques de Villiers, MBV, Cocteau Twins, Inverness, Clinker, Steve Reich, Enrique Ramirez, Thierry Massard, Kraftwerk, CAN, The Juliets, Faust, Tim Hecker, Modern Witch, Billie The Vision & The Dancers, Soft Machine, Pulp, Pan Sonic, Dallas, Borax, Lycia, Lush, Loscil, Arvo Pärt, Herbstlaub, Bizarre, Phillip Wilkerson, GY!BE, Massive Attack, Scott Walker, Mojave 3, Music For Your Plants, Primal Scream, Blur, Verve, Slowdive, starstarstar, ringostar, Animal Collective, The Kinks, Dog Bite, Hox Vox, Deerhunter, Smegma, Jean Dean, Uberlulu, The Swell Maps, Enko, Aretha Franklin, Kangsinu, Atlas Sound, Public Image Limited, Angus Maclise, The Slits, Dionne Warwick, Beach House, The Tranzmitters, The Charlatans, Miles Davis, Giorgio Moroder, The Fall, Chapterhouse, Zodiac, The Droids, Gino Soccio, Flowered Up, Sun Ra, Tiny Fireflies, Muhr, Happy Mondays
Favorite Books Krautrocksampler, Theory Of Human Need