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Industry Biotech
Occupation poo grower/poo designer/poo therapist/poo phycothematicresearchanalysyst
Location pooville, pooland inc., Bosnia & Herzegovina
Introduction i love being pooie, my name is poo!!! how many poo's does it take 2 screw in a lightbulb? i dont know, why dont you ask poo???!!! heheheh, have i mentioned, i love poo! I absoulutley obbsess over poo every day! i have no life because of it... its so dangerously beautiful...i warn anyone who wishes to be like me...poo! I eat, drink and breathe poo. also you can find me on the internet, at www.poo.com potacticular! Born in the year of poo, i was destined to love pooo. Ever since the tender age of poo i've loved it. poo you too!
Interests growing poo, playing with poo, telling secrets to poo, having tea partys with poo. eating poo on new years eve at the mr. and mrs. poo, house in barbie land. explaining things to poo, smelling poo, digesting poo, engrossing myself in poo's literarure. pooing poo on rainy days. Poo pooing my neighbors. splashing around in my bathtub filled with poo!
Favorite Movies pretty women! poo-style. or woman pretty, style-poo!! or air bud. (pooey) (poey, poeeey) brokeback poo (:-() Poo goes to the jungle Poo has an expreince with the IRS (UHOH!)
Favorite Music poo, rap, poo, rap, poo, rock, poo, electronic poo of the future. Poo-poo classical. Poo-easy listening. oolala Poo-poo hip/hop poo-poo hardcore rap, lounge poo, screamo poo (yikess!) (POO)
Favorite Books poo-poo, poo-poo goes to paris. poo poo on an adventure!(in poo-land!) poo-poo has and accident! poo-poo tells a secret to girl poo! (x-rated) Poo poo grows up. poo poo makes his very first baby! Poo poos in a poo (a nice easy read)

mmmm. chicken or poo? what hath god wrought? why can't you eat poo? What is poo+pee? Whay did the poo cross the street? How many poos does it take for you to eat before you throw up more poo which you can then eat?! What is the meaning of poo Is mily poo?