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Occupation Author
Location United States
Introduction After the Overlay Cosmetic Appliance that took me ten years to invent was aired on NBC news stations and appeared in newspapers and dental journals, it became an instant success. To fill the demand, I contacted dental manufacturers to help me develop equipment to simplify construction. After they all refused (my appliance would cut into the big profits made on crowns and veneers) and I was unable to find dental technicians to help me construct the appliances, (most capable partial denture dental technicians already left the dental industry), I decided it was time for closure and left the dental industry myself. After I left the dental industry after being in it for more than twenty-five years, I felt that I walked away from the only thing I was good at. Few years later, I decided to start writing fiction novels and wrote a crime fiction book entitled Deadly Coincidence. Writing the novel made me realize that if we have the desire to change things, and work hard at it, we are capable of accomplishing almost anything we desire.
Interests Skiing, biking, music, writing