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Occupation Superhero
Location Washougal (East Vancouver area), Washington, United States
Introduction I am a 'roots' kind of girl and I take great pleasure in the comforts of home and family. I am domestic and love to nurture others. I adore my big family. Traditions are upheld with great zest in my house, since I prize family history and love communal activities. I am most happy when my home is harmonious and serene. If I get a little crabby I have been known to retreat into my shell & the flip side to this is that I tend to have difficulty sharing my feelings. In the end I always come back out of my shell. I am tenacious and strong willed and with that said I am ultimately motivated by protecting my home and loved ones, my most noble goal. I sometimes find that a robust workout is just the tonic for my touchy feelings. I still have a tendency to be a little lazy, however, I just need a little push to get me out the door because I am a bit of a homebody! I usually prefer to stay in rather than go out on the town but once I do I am the spice in the jalapeno!! My greatest strength is the tenacity with which I protect my loved ones. I dont ask for much, just a comfortable home and a sense of peace.
Interests Family, art, photography, writing, creating things with my hands, exercising & eating healthy.
Favorite Movies ALL OF THE TWILIGHT MOVIES, A Christmas Story, Stand By Me, My Girl, Now and Then, The 40 year old Virgin, The hangover, Pretty in pink, 16 Candles, Mean Girls, Juno, all of the Spider Man movies, Julie and Julia
Favorite Music Just give me a beat and I will find a way to dance to it!
Favorite Books The Twilight saga, Nicholas Sparks, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Sophie Kinsella...or any good chick read!