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Occupation R.N.- baby nurse
Location Gainesville, Florida, United States
Introduction I am a single mom with one horse, an AngloArab named Jackson. I bought Jackson in Jan of 2007 and have never been an adult horse owner. I had a pony and two OTTB's as a kid, but since we couldn't afford saddles, I just rode! I woked in a jumping barn as a teenager, and have been around horses a bit, but since living on our farm the horses I have ridden have honestly been the schooling, push button kind! Jackson IS NOT! So every ride and time spent with him is a new, delightful,learning experience!!! I also have a terrier named Sprout, a Lab mix named Harlow, a Siamese cat named Cammie,and Piper P. McPiperson the fat tabby. The kiddo is 15. I recently moved to Florida, and am looking forward to lots of jumping, hunter paces,endurance,trail riding,and I also plan on participating in as many ACTHA trail challenges as I can! I am focusing on becoming the rider that my horse wants me to be! By having this blog I hope to meet fellow horse peeps who share in my love of the horse!
Interests Reading, scuba diving, traveling, riding my horse, hanging out with my son, cooking, concerts, road trips
Favorite Movies Harold and Maude, National Velvet, The Big Blue, Cable Guy, Home for the Holidays, James Herriot's All Creatures Great and Small series
Favorite Music Alternative, punk rock, jazz, blues, torch singers, big band, Americana, any 4AD and too many other genres to list!!!
Favorite Books The works of James Herriot and John Irving, Mark Rashid, Mary Wanless, Sally Swift, Walter Zettl, William Steinkraus

How tall would you be if you had never cut your fingernails?

Gross! The same height, my fingernails grow from my fingers, Duh...