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Gender MALE
Introduction people have said i don't know where to draw the line between funny and mean. I hate stupid people, a hard thing to get around, as as I am typing this, I am in a room full of them
Interests Video games, cadets, mockery, insinuation, alliteration and generally being altogether unpleasant
Favorite Movies The Matrix trilogy, V for Vendetta, American History X, Star Wars, Oceans 11-13, Star Trek, 300, Hot Fuzz, Norbit, I Am Legend, I Robot, Bicentennial Man, Talladega Knights, Jackass, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, Porky's, Meet the Fockers, Saving Private Ryan, A Night at the Roxbury, Full Metal Jacket
Favorite Music Rammstein, Green Day, Twisted Sister, Breaking Benjamin, Dragonforce, Men Without Hats, Offenbach, AC DC, The Beatles, The Who, Bubbles
Favorite Books Just don't bring up the subject of romance novels

Why do we al have to hate each other for such insipid things; in fact, why do we have to do so many insipid things