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Introduction I am an exercise science major at Brigham Young University. I love to study the human body and the human mind (I am also minoring in psychology). I am going to Ghana to conduct a field study on core stability and physical activity. I love and miss my family whenever I am not around them, which is often. I also miss my best friends a whole bunch. I cannot wait to experience new opportunities and to meet new people who will change my life in Ghana. Feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think, questions you have, or personal insights.
Interests being irish, working under pressure, organizing, playing with babies and children and puppies, combining words, watching brilliant sunsets, singing in the shower, dancing like a fiend, choir practice at 2 in the lounge, making new friends, chivalry, cuddling, scooting, watching movies, the quad, destin florida, virginia beach, disney world, mountains (even the little Appalachians), matching EVERYTHING in my outfit, red lipstick, high heels, the northeast (specifically connecticut), occupational therapy, contact sports, baking, cleaning the stove and kitchen, missionary tag, folding laundry, college sports, long showers, dressing up, ghana, tantrums, late-night conversations, planning my future, sitting on the counter while looking out the window (the perch), people watching in general, free food, editing papers, staying up late, waking up late, roommates who wake me up, warmth, songs with my name in them, musicals, soccer, softball, running, swimming, hiking, cape cod, jumping on the couch, sticking out my enormous tongue, rockin' out with james marshall, oatmeal, calling my family, my lovely friends, swimmies, bagel bites, girls' nights, reminiscing, procrastinating, defining the "gray areas" of controversial topics, medical jargon, st. patrick's day, june 12th, exercise science, studying anatomy, a good northeastern fall, pie (of all kinds), apple fritters, bickford's restaurant on a saturday morning, the snobby-yet-sophisticated stereotype that describes my home state
Favorite Movies La Vita e Bella, The Sandlot, Enchanted, Walk the Line, Meet Joe Black, The Quiet Man, My Fair Lady, Gone With the Wind, Hooke, The Music Man, Oklahoma, Phantom of the Opera, Mulan, Sleeping Beauty, Tim Burton movies, Disney/Pixar movies
Favorite Music Billy Joel, Elton John, Counting Crows, The Fray, Michael Buble, old-school No Doubt, Goo Goo Dolls, Meese, Lifehouse, Faith Hill, Hellogoodbye, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Death Cab For Cutie, The Easybeats, Coldplay, Colbie Caillat, Cartel, Flight of the Conchords, Bruce Springsteen, The Aquabats, The Ting Tings, A Fine Frenzy, Regina Spektor, Johnny Mathis, Nat King Cole, U2, Third Eye Blind, RHCP, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, Disney sing-alongs, soundtracks to broadway musicals/movies
Favorite Books Night, Snow in August, Eleven Seconds, A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, 1984, Dr. Seuss books, Chronicles of Narnia, Anatomy textbooks, True Love, Screwtape Letters, To Kill a Mockingbird, Homer Price, Manuals, Life of Pi, the scriptures, Believing Christ, Me Talk Pretty One Day, The Devil's Arithmetic

You've successfully slain the dragon! How will you toast your marshmallows?

On a skewer, just as I always have, and probably over a stove-top.