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Gender MALE
Location United Kingdom
Introduction Coming from the East and living in the West, I now belong to neither. Everywhere I have observed so much intolerance and an inability to understand each other's point of view that I have come to consider 'nationalism' as an evil. I perceive divisions of East and West as artificial because they create needless strife and intolerance in the world. The whole human race ought to live in harmony, sharing knowledge and experiences while avoiding harmful nationalism. Knowledge and wisdom, whether of the East or the West, are my heritage as a human being. As a ‘citizen of the world’ I see myself as a tolerant Muslim in accordance with Quranic precepts. I have learnt much from exposure to western knowledge and culture, which has - surprisingly? - strengthened my own roots in Pakistani culture and Urdu, the language of Iqbal and Ghalib. On Twitter: @RealandIllusory
Favorite Movies Payasa (1956), Shree 420 (1954), Dr. Strangelove, Educating Rita, Zeitgeist, The Chess Players (شطرنج کے کھلاڑی)
Favorite Books What is Islam? (اسلام کیا ہے؟) by Ghulam Ahmad Parwaiz, Shahab Nama (شہاب نامہ) by Qudratullah Shahab, Desperately Seeking Paradise by Ziauddin Sardar, Letters to Saleem (سلیم کے نام خطوط) by Ghulam Ahmad Parwaiz, Karbala : Fact or Fiction ( کربلا کی حقیقت ) by Dr Shabbir Ahmed, Labbaik ( لبیک) by Mumtaz Mufti, Zindah Rood (زندہ رود) - Javid Iqbal's biography of his father, The re-construction of religious thought in Islam (Iqbal's 6 lectures in English), Kitab-ut-Taqdeer ( کتاب التقدیر ) by Ghulam Ahmad Parwaiz.