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Gender Male
Industry Law
Occupation Patent Agent
Location Fresno, California, United States
Introduction E-mail: ryan.s.dunning (at) gmail.com
Interests voting, voting methods, ranked voting, ranked choice voting, ranked-choice voting, instant runoff voting, alternative vote, alternative voting, instant runoff vote, single transferable vote, single transferrable vote, single transferable voting, single transferrable voting, proportional representation, IRV, STV, BC-STV, PR-STV, Californians for Electoral Reform, Fairvote, multimember districts, multi-member districts, fresno, fresno california, city of fresno, city of fresno california, fresno county, county of fresno, clovis, city of clovis, clovis city, clovis california, san joaquin valley, central valley, central valley of california, good government, local government, minority representation, women in office, electing women and minorities, choice voting, PR, P.R.