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Occupation Creative Success Coach
Location London, United Kingdom
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Introduction I tried running in the gym, but you never get anywhere. It's great to make a stand but the chairperson has more power. :-) I know you should never give up. But I did. I'm a quitter. I gave up blaming. I started to ask myself better questions and to create a reality that makes sense and a world I love to live in. I look a bit like Madonna so I became Europe's leading Madonna impersonator as seen on TV and blabla. Some people know how to be a bit fake. I made a profession out of it. Now I talk about authenticity. With authority. Because being yourself means a whole lot more than acting out your personality. Actually being yourself alone would be a limitation and an insult to the potential of the human spirit. Liberate yourself from the you. or the self. whatever. Freedom is doing it even if you wanted do. I love to see people light up inside. Shoe shine for the soul. Does that sound wrong?Wisdom is when you get it anyway. Come and join my creative success community of amazing people with great ambitions who are making this world into the paradise it was meant to be.
Interests Personal growth, well-being, lipsticks, sensual pleasures, intellectual pleasures, marketing, business, travel, nature, coaching, bullocks
Favorite Movies Avatar, Sex in the City, Hitch, couples retreat, Matrix, Keinohrhasen
Favorite Music are you going to hate me if it's my own? I also love Sunday Girl, Lady Gaga, Daniel Spiller and the broken record project
Favorite Books You can have what you want= Michael Neill, the little prince- Antoine de Saint-Exupery, the never ending story= Michael Ende, Ronja Raeubertochter= Astrid Lindgren, Pippi Longstocking=Astrid Lindgren

The hair from your last haircut ... what would it say about your new style?

Absolutely fantasitc! I won a star prize super dooper hair cut with Stuart Philips and I love it!