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Industry Religion
Location Wales, Wales, United Kingdom
Interests Radical Traditionalism Mythology Carl Jung Tolkien Hiking Wilderness Wales Britain Scandinavia Folklore Magic The Unconscious Runes Rune Gild Anti-jihad Northern European Culture
Favorite Movies Donnie Darko Bram Stoker's Dracula Angel Heart LOTR Indiana Jones Hannibal Devil's Advocate Monty Python Conan the Barbarian Red Dragon Star Wars House of 1000 Corpses Braindead Bad Taste Shaun of the Dead Requiem for a Dream The Omen Hammer Horror Excalibur Casino Pulp Fiction The Lost Boys Pi The Devil's Rejects Goodfellas The Matrix The Pianist The Last Temptation of Christ Downfall The Usual Suspects A Shot in the Dark Austin Powers World War II films The Exorcist The Wicker Man
Favorite Music Enslaved Steve von Till Megadeth Cathedral Ensiferum Burzum Nerthus Fire & Ice Anathema Coil Metallica Tool Morbid Angel Lemuria Cannibal Corpse Neurosis The Third Eye Foundation Ved Buens Ende Novembers Doom Akercocke Exodus Therion My Dying Bride Bathory Slayer Radiohead Dødheimsgard Pantera Nile Thom Yorke The Gathering Mayhem Satyricon Alter Bridge Blood Axis Carcass David Bowie Chris Cornell Genesis Corrosion of Conformity Rebellion Foo Fighters Emperor Paradise Lost Mastodon
Favorite Books Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Synchronicity: Science Myth and the Trickster On Being a Pagan Shadow and Evil in Fairy Tales Man and his Symbols Runelore Dracula Hannibal Norse Eddas and Sagas The Silmarillion The Mabinogion Thus Spoke Zarathustra The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution The Individuated Hobbit The Conan Chronicles American Psycho Memory Sorrow and Thorn 1984 The Historian Londonistan Stations of the Sun Shannara