Homemade Food Junkie

About me

Introduction My life is full and very blessed. We've kept busy over the years; raising five children (two boys and three girls), and homeschooling them all at various times in their educations. We raised them while gardening, preserving our own food through drying, canning and freezing it. We raised animals for meat, breeding and wool and have done many farm projects with our family on a mini farm in the far northwest corner of Washington state over the years. Homegrown food in its various stages of production from seed to table is a big part of my life. Kids are grown now. We are still here growing and learning more about living healthy in this challenging world in this challenging time of life. Love to share it with you.
Interests Cooking and gardening for food and fun, Researching various things of interest; lately the food industry, We love juicing garden and greenhouse grown goodies for health, Living a grateful and rewarding life.