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Introduction Once upon a time there was a girl from suburban California who imagined the world was much bigger than it appeared to be. When she got the opportunity to study abroad, she did so with gusto and flew to the most random island possible: Malta. After a few backpacking trips from there she was hooked as if it were heroin. She then changed her life around so she could explore every corner of the world possible. Suddenly she was climbing cliffs in Thailand, befriending monkeys in Bolivia, and practicing the ancient martial art of sunmudo in Korea. Her unquenchable thirst for exploring new communities, fantastic heights, and hidden corners all over the world can only be matched by her procrastination and laziness. She lingers nearly everywhere she goes, soaking in as much culture and fun as possible. There was no road she didn’t want to speed down on a moto and no food stall she wanted to pass without tasting something. The only thing that made her happier than traveling was sharing her experiences with others and offering advice. And so she wrote. Read her stories as they unfold all over the world. They’re pretty unforgettable, just like her.
Interests exploring new places, meetng good people, arts and crafts, cooking/eating, relaxing, walking in nature, reading/writing, appriciating music and art, bike riding, dancing, enjoying life to the fullest
Favorite Movies forrest gump, almost famous, many more.....
Favorite Music EVERYTHING (other than country)....tom petty, dave matthews band, bob marley, kate nash, manu chao, gotan project, the beatles, michael jackson, sublime, david guetta, rolling stones, o.a.r.........the list coninues......
Favorite Books I love reading any book recommended to me. Favorite book all time might be Ishmael by Daniel Quinn. Favorite author is David Sedaris.