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Location Northport, Michigan, United States
Introduction Where to begin..... I have been working as a freelance Photographer for two full years. In that time, I have put my sole concentration on showing others what I cherish in life, our breath taking world. What I hope to do is to get others to share the feelings i have when i am at a location, pure excitement and awe. I suppose everyone has been influenced in what they do by a number of people. I have found that my biggest influence to be Galen Rowell. The way I look at the world and it's immense beauty seemed to be very similar to the way he viewed it as well, something so amazing no words in the world could possibly explain the feelings i get when capturing mother natures gifts. True beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but how does one show another what they see in their minds eye? My passion is to show people what I see and how I see it with the use of my Camera.