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Gender MALE
Industry Environment
Occupation Natural Builder, Researcher, Designer and Consultant
Location 藤沢, 神奈川, Japan
Introduction Kyle works as a builder, consultant, researcher and educator specializing in natural building materials such as straw bale and natural plasters. He has a PhD in Bioresource Sciences from Nihon University where he researched the hygrothermal environment of straw bale walls in Japan and building practices to control moisture. Apart from academia, Kyle has studied natural farming in Japan, permaculture in Australia, and organic and biodynamic farming in the US. 2010年度に博士号(生物資源科学)を収得し、現在,糸長研究室(建築・地域共生デザイン)でストローベイル建築と土建築を研究しています。 Professional Affiliations 所属: (1) Architectural and Regional Ecological Design Studio, Nihon University 日本大学 糸長研究室(建築・地域共生デザイン研究室) (2) Ecology ArchiScape NPO法人エコロジー・アキスケープ (3) Architectural Institute of Japan 日本建築学会 (4) Daruma EcoFarm ダルマ・エコファーム(5) Slow Design Research Group スローデザイン研究会 (6) Toyama Straw Bale House Association 富山ストローベイルハウス協会
Interests パーマカルチャー, Permaculture, 有機農業, Organic Farming, 自然建築, Natural Building, ストローベイル建築, Straw Bale Building, 左官, Natural Plastering, 自給自足, self sufficiency
Favorite Books 藁一本の革命, The One Straw Revolution, The Hand Sculpted House, A Pattern Language, The Secret, The Power of Now