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Introduction I was born in Iran, and in 1967 travelled to the United States at age 18 to study physics and mathematics. Soon after I turned to politics and became an activist in the anti Vietnam War movement and against the dictatorial regime of the Shah in Iran. Adopting a Marxist ideology, I was one of the founders of its Trotskyist variety among Iranians, named Anjoman-e-Sattar. Later during the 1979 Iranian revolution I returned to Iran with great hope of realizing a class solution for the ills of the Iranian society, in a new organization, the “Socialist Workers Party”. In 1988 I returned back with my family to the US as I was well into reevaluating my ideas. Naturally this weblog will reflect on these experiences. I also maintain a separate web site,, which is a repository of literature related to my pre 1988 activities, both as an archive and a source for better understanding of that period. Since early 1980s I have been in the information technology field and am an IT Specialist as well.