Kevin and Don Norte

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Industry Government
Location United States
Introduction 1970s High School Sweethearts Most Known For Moving Schwarzenegger's Position on Marriage Prior To Court's Opening of The Marriage Window The Nortes met at age 16 in High School. On the first night of many sleepovers they experienced an explosion of their souls. Their hearts literally skipped a beat and the flesh around their hearts twitched as they remembered that it was only their first time recognizing each other in this life time. Soon they committed their lives to each other and their One Heart. As they grew they began to cast off the religious teachings of the past. They spiritual awakened to a harmony with nature which was not defined by any particular religion. They acknowledged their personal consciousness, the global consciousness of the earth, and the spiritual consciousness of the entire cosmos.
Interests Sam S Shubert Biographers, LGBT Historians, California ZEN, Retrocausation Practioners, Equal Protection Advocates, Civil Rights Activists, Harvey Milk Followers