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Occupation fussbudget, gamer, interweb regulator, organizer, burlesque, drag, rock n roll
Location Boston, MA
Introduction My name is Alli and I am, among many things, a passionate collector of vintage clothing, accessories, and memorabilia. My friend Emily and I recently teamed up to sell some of our personal collections as a sort of pop up shop around Boston. Check in with us to see what we've got for sale, where we'll be, what inspires us, etc... If you'd like to get in touch I'm apthresher at gmail
Interests I might follow you on twitter! My handle is @AlliThrasher. I mostly use it for work and for telling stories about age-inappropriate activities like building living room forts.
Favorite Movies Pretty In Pink, Sid & Nancy, Rebel Without a Cause, Heathers, Green Street Hooligans, Sixteen Candles, and many many more...
Favorite Music I'm a sucker for true rockabilly, country, hardcore, punk, and metal. But I'll listen to just about anything that can get a person's booty moving too.
Favorite Books Ulysses, East of Eden, Invisible Monsters, Vegan Freak, The Divine Comedy, Catcher in the Rye, anything written by Beckett...and for silly sentimental reasons, Necklace of Kisses

You've got to make contact with the alien leader. How will you tell when the conversation is finished?

When they set phasers to kill. (also, this is the only random question that is not awkward and/or gross).