About me

Occupation Retired
Location Hope Mills, North Carolina, United States
Introduction I have been defying description for more than half my lifetime. I occasionally have my sanity, although my circle of friends might disagree with that; I’m a mix of opposites, random, different and unconventional. I’m a self-taught know it all and even though I can admit I really don’t know everything, I do know enough to carry on a conversation with most anyone. Some call me mouthy, I freely speak my mind…I do NOT tolerate BS. I’m a wife, Mom, Abi, Pagan, eclectic, free thinking FaerieWitch, Priestess in training, wanna be gardener, who loves to cook and loves my life!
Interests I am a Level 63, vibrant, vocal, vivacious, verifiably vexing, and a vociferously vested vixen.