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Industry Transportation
Occupation Jumping in and out of hot places.
Location Los Angeles, California
Introduction So you're wondering who is Mikey and why is some white piece of ball hosting this site? First of all, my name is Pirikara (Nice to meet you!) and I am a nikuman, a chashu bao, a pork bun if you may. I'm not just a piece of meat but a living, breathing, highly-sensitive pork bun. Mikey is my kid brother and as the sign says, he HATES everything. One time I brought him a glass of grape juice and after one sip he spat it out and sent the glass flying in the air. He's a much bigger pork bun than me so I don't mess with him. One day I brought him a plate of beef tataki from Yabu in WLA. (Mikey is chained to a wall in our basement. He doesn't get out much.) And you know what, he actually liked it. Mikey liked it! Since then I've embarked on a mission to find things around LA that Mikey might like. It's not easy, but I try. Email: pirikara[at]gmail.com