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Industry Human Resources
Occupation Mom
Location United States
Introduction I'm a person who is highly devoted to my Husband John, my three sons Johnpaul, Nathaniel & Christian. These four people are my Reason. My Family, my Friends & God who I am in debt to, they have made me into who I am today. Thank you for the strength. I am a person who actually likes to work, currently my occupation is MOM. Which also happens to be the hardest yet most rewarding job I've ever had, and believe me I've had a lot of different jobs. :o) I have a pretty strong personality. I get told this a lot. I'm supposing this is in fact a good thing. If not sorry. I enjoy meeting new people and discovering new friends. I am a person who to my best ability tries to be very honest, forgiving and respectful. I am not perfect and do not expect others to be. **I only have a few pet peeves and the main one is people trying to act like they are better than any one else. If you act like this GO AWAY......
Interests John!, Johnpaul!, Nathaniel! & Christian!, my Family, Friends, God, food, cooking, gym, dancing, thrifting, sketching, music, people watching, good conversations, parties, meeting new people, Burning Man, camping!!! Roller coasters!!!!
Favorite Movies Drop dead Fred is my fav of all time! There are too many others to list. I'm corny, I like movies made in the 80's fun stuff!