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Gender Female
Occupation Medical Techologist and Tenured University Assistant Professor
Location Wichita, Kansas, United States
Introduction My first canary memory was early childhood as my mother raised about 100 canaries each year. During the breeding season, she was always finding a young chick which she said needed hand feeding. I would use a toothpick to stuff its crop with eggfood. It never occurred to me that each time it was a different chick! I still have a weakness for hand feeding although I rarely do it as the mothers food is far superior. When I was 16, I adopted an elderly "grandmother" and she raised German rollers. I would sit for hours and listen to her green roller singers. I banded my first birds in 1980. I achieved master breeder exhibitor status in color-bred canaries and German Rollers. I became a judge and hold judging credentials from the Central States Roller Canary, National Colorbred, Stafford Canary, North American Border and Old Varieties Canary Associations. I have judged shows all over the US including Puerto Rico and Canada. My book "The Complete Canary Handbook, Canary Tales" is in its 14th edition and sells worldwide. In a typical year, I breed around 150 canaries. My current aviary includes German Rollers, Borders, Staffords, and Colorbreds.
Interests AVICULTURE: Elected Director of National Cage Bird Show (Youth Exhibitor Director and Corporate member)- Associate Member Association of Avian Veterinarians - Member: North American Border Club - Stafford Canary Club of America - Central States Roller Breeder Association - Milo Wells German Roller Canary Club - Lou Abbott Roller Canary Club - American Norwich Society - United Gloster Breeders - National Colorbred Association - Old Varieties Canary Association, RESEARCH AND PUBLICATION: Journal of Clinical Science: Member Peer Review Board and Awarded Distinguish Clinical Practice Author of the Year - Published Author Modern Veterinary Practice Journal, Cage and Aviary Birds of England - Bird Talk - Dominion Roller Canary News of Canada - Hundreds of Avian Publications, EDUCATION AND MEDICINE: 31 years upper division and graduate teaching experience at Wichita State University including Medical Technology - Immunology - Transfusion Medicine - Medical Genetics - Monitoring Response to Therapy - Management - Named Top Six WSU Educators from 600 plus Faculty and Kansas Medical Technology Educator of the Year - Visiting Professor: St. George Medical School Grenada, EXHIBITION: Nearly 30 Years Experience - Achieving Master Breeder Level - National Cage Bird Show: Winner of the German Roller Higgins Division Trophy and Best Song Bird in Show Award.
Favorite Books Clinical Avian Medicine - two volumes by Harrison and Lightfoot