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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation writer / illustrator
Location Adelaide, Australia
Introduction Welcome to the Blogging Home of Monster Blood Tattoo otherwise called (in the US & Canada) The Foundling's Tale. Here you will find Links to Interviews, an Audio Extract, Reviews in Many Languages, Word Games, Insightful Polls, Miscellaneous Fripperies & other Things to Inform & Entertain.
Favorite Movies Star Wars:Eps 4&5, Master&Commander, Die Hard, 5th Element, Mirrormask, The Incredibles, Monster House, We Were Soldiers, Last of the Mohicans, Nosferatu, The Corporation, Batman Begins, Good Will Hunting, Pride&Prejudice(BBC), Iron Giant, Garden State, High Fidelity, Gross Point Blank, Dune, Clueless, City of Lost Children, 13 Days, Children of Men, The Triplets of Belleville, Stranger Than Fiction, Section 9
Favorite Music New Order, The Smiths, White Stripes, Interpol, Julie London, Future Sounds of London, Boards of Canada, Sarah Vaughn, Radiohead, Flaming Lips, Kurt Elling, Beck, The Shins, Mad at the World, Elvis Costello, Sarah Mclachlan, Suzanne Vega, Casandra Wilson, Blossom Dearie, Tom Waits, Anita O'Day, Panama Reed, Brian Eno, Johnny Cash, Morrissey
Favorite Books Lord of The Rings/Silmarilion TOLKEIN, Road to Middle Earth TA SHIPPEY, anything by HP LOVECRAFT, Pride&Prejudice AUSTEN, War of the Worlds HG WELLS, The Worm Ouroboros ER EDDISON, the Gormenghast Set MERVYN PEAKE, Illiad HOMER, Love of Seven Dolls PAUL GALICO, Cannery Row STEINBECK, Jazz Age Stories F SCOTT FITZGERALD, Metamorphosis KAFKA, Steppenwolf HESSE, Post Captain PATRICK O'BRIAN, Frankenstein SHELLEY, Dune HERBERT, Ender's Game O S CARD, Grendel JOHN GARDNER, King Solomon's Mines H RIDER HAGGARD, Dark Knight Returns MILLER, Nausicaa HAYAO MIYAZAKI, Nelson's Battles OLIVER WARNER, Dictionary SAMUEL JOHNSON, Macquarie Thesaurus - a treasured possesion I was given when I was 11, Red Spikes MARGO LANAGAN, Velvet Elvis ROB BELL, A Case for A Creator LEE STROBEL

You can whistle and steam can whistle, so why do you sing in the shower?

Thing is, I don't sing, I hum a little every now-&-then. But I have a friend who whistles - a sweet melody, music to scrub behind the ears by.