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Gender Female
Occupation Student
Location Glasgow, United Kingdom
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Introduction I'm a physics student at the University of Glasgow, and I never know what to write in "about me" boxes.
Interests Physics, space, maths, being geeky, dancing, blogging, reading, wasting my time and that of others, cocktails, travel, cooking, shoes.
Favorite Movies Dr Strangelove, Babel, In the Loop, Die Welle, The Usual Suspects, Der Baarder Meinhof Komplex, Che, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Three Colours Trilogy, Goodbye Lenin, REC, The March of the Penguins, Pulp Fiction.
Favorite Music SebastiAn, Kavinsky, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, Soulwax, Cake, Justice, Talking Heads, Steely Dan, Peter Gabriel, Jacques Brel, Theivery Corporation, David Sylvian, Miles Davis, Ry Cooder, JJ Cale, Dub Colossus, Fun Lovin' Criminals, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, The Mars Volta, Buena Vista Social Club.
Favorite Books The Picture of Dorian Grey, American Psycho, Great Expectations, Midnight's Children, Dracula, Generation X, The Siege of Krishnapur, Oscar and Lucinda, The Sea The Sea, Lord of the Flies, Slaughterhouse Five, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Of Mice and Men, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Grimm's Fairy Tales, To Kill a Mockingbird, Invisible Monsters, Lord of the Rings, I am Legend, Six Easy and not so Easy Pieces

Please describe how you could take the peel off an apple all in one go:

With supreme skill. Don't worry, I have it.