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Industry Education
Occupation Maths
Location Southampton, United Kingdom
Introduction My email is "dn"at"soton"dot"ac"dot"uk. Remove the ats, the dots and the quotation marks and you can communicate with me and the author. To clear this misapprehension up, I'm not the author, Bo Nesto and I don't live in La Paz, though I used to. I've merely agreed to act as web-publisher for Bo Nesto, a friend of mine, who does live there, at least he lives in the so-called city of El Alto, but when I lived there, La Paz and El Alto were one city and it's always struck me as a silly, artificial separation, so in my book, Bo is living in the El Alto area of La Paz! So there. Next time I go, I'll probably get mad dogs set loose on me for that comment, but wotthehell, live dangerously.
Interests Bolivia, obviously.
Favorite Movies Yawar Mallku: for starters.