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Introduction I am a 30-something wife and homeschooling mom of four. I am Catholic, and am trying to be a better at it: loving Christ and the Church, glorifying God through my ordinary life. I love my husband (note: tell him more) and my children (note: yell at them less). Much of my daily routine revolves around picking up books and toys off of the floor and trying to remember where I left my cup of coffee. This blog is equal parts prayer, self exhortation, scrapbook, fun space, and show-and-tell. Considered, but rejected, blog titles were: I’m So Distracted Right Now; I Should Be Doing Laundry; Using My Inside Voice; Keeping the Crazy at Bay; Four Kids For Sale - hard workers, light eaters, no cavities (Oh, wait… that one’s a draft for Craigslist…) My blog IS called OrdinaryLovely. My life is very ordinary, but it is very dear to me. God gives me so many glimpse of His goodness in the workings and rhythms of our everyday family life. My ordinary life isn’t “blah.” Most of the time, if I’m paying attention, I realize… it’s really lovely.