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Introduction Cited from Scott, Foresman Advanced Dictionary by E.L Thorndike / Clarence L. Barnhart 1979 FREELANCE 1 writer, artist, etc., who sells his work to anyone who will buy it. 2 soldier in the Middle Ages who fought for any person, group, or state that would pay him. OPERATIVE adj. 1 exerting force, energy, or influence; in operation; operating 2 producing the intended or proper effect; effective; efficacious 3 having to do with work or productiveness - n. 1 worker, especially one who works with a machine or machines; skilled or semiskilled laborer ARTIST n. 4 person who does work with skill and good taste MOVEMENT n. 1 act or fact of moving. 3 the moving parts of a machine or mechanism; special group of parts that move each other, as in a watch or clock. 6 abundance of incidents; action. 7 the effort and results of a group of people working together to bing about some one thing. 10 an emptying of the bowels. 11 the waste matter emptied from the intestines.