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Introduction Where do I belong? What is my purpose in life? Born in the USA, I had a crazy bohemian childhood, living in 5 different States in 5 years. Then off to SE Asia where I spent the next ten years in the Philippines. Adults were always asking me what I was going to be when I grew up, but what I was going to be wasn't as important as who I was. I am combination of two cultures. I am neither and I am both. I am the one who desperately worried about fitting in, but I am also the one who wore crazy clothes and didn't care what anyone thought. I have happily lived under strict school rules, and I am the one who returns to America and teaches my kids to question authority. I am the one who laughs and cries, sings and prays, gets angry and doubts, fears and questions, expects and receives, hopes and dreams. And I am one who cares. The experience of that 10 year interlude in the Philippines molded and shaped my identity. But rather than helping me find my place in the world it left me with bigger questions: who am I, where do I belong? This is the story of childhood and the search for identity.
Interests I love reading and cooking, I am a frustrated writer, gardener, artist.
Favorite Music My tastes are eclectic, from Classical to Heavy Metal!