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Gender MALE
Industry Law Enforcement or Security
Occupation Retired
Location North Central North Carolina, United States
Introduction First of all, I am a unabashed patriot and love and cherish this great country that we live in. I try to honor the men and women who's sacrifices have made all this possible. I also consider myself a "renaissance" man in that I have varied and multiple interest. Depending on my mood, the time and place, I do my level best to explore these interest to the fullest. While some may think me disorganized, I am just multitasking. Specialization is for insects!!!!
Interests Women, Firearms, Shooting, Rum, History, Reenacting, Cooking, Eating, Song, Music, Living history, Creating, Crafting, Reading, Exploring new things and places
Favorite Movies Master & Commander, Barry Lyndon, Paths of Glory, and just about any other historically based movie.
Favorite Music Just depends on what kind of mood I am in. I like all kinds since I have rather eclectic taste.
Favorite Books Books are like children to living historians. Who can pick a favorite?

The love potion you made tastes terrible. How will you drink it?

"I" don't need to drink it. I fall in love (at least to a small degree) with 99.9% of the women I meet, by looking into their eyes and listening to what they have to say. That potion is for those other poor bastards who are not as lucky as I am. -grin-