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Introduction 13 things about me : 1. I’m a vegan. 2. I hate toothpaste. 3. I think hide and seek should become an official sport. 4. I sneak in to the kitchen at night once in a while to eat sweets. 5. I love studying and learning anything new. 6. My hair has never grown beyond my shoulder. 7. My star sign is virgo. 8. I prefer wearing pajamas and hoodies everywhere I go. 9. I talk & daydream a lot. Sadly I get distracted very often. 10. I like reading romance novels but romance movies make me queasy and nauseous 11. I like to rap but 70% of rap songs gives me a headache 12. I get most of my story ideas while studying science. 13. In the bathroom, I pretend I'm an evil yet jaw dropping gorgeous Mage fighting wars on Azeroth.
Favorite Books Fantasy - Adventure - Romance