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Introduction "I have a word for you. You need to write a book.” This was spoken to me by my friend Danae from my Wednesday night ladies Bible study. It was a hot July 2013 night and I had just come to study at the local Hastings book store. I had barely sat down when she looked right at me and said those words. Truth is, I had been thinking the same thoughts. In August of 2011 I had just finished reading Jesus, by Beth Moore and I was seeking the Lord as to what He would have me study next. I will tell you right now I was not a fan of His answer. He strongly impressed me to read the Bible cover to cover and He would share nuggets of faith and truth with me. Of course I stomped and snorted and complained about having to read books like Numbers and Deuteronomy, but He persisted and here I am, having made it to the book of Psalms, reading through and journaling the many treasures He has shown me. My hope and prayer is that as I record each of these precious treasures that they will be a blessing to my family, friends and anyone who would happen upon this journey with me. *All photos are mine unless noted.