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Industry Education
Occupation Art Teacher
Location United States
Introduction I'm an art teacher. That defines the majority of the hours in my week. Other than that, I try to workout and find time to make my own artwork. ;) I am one of those types that constantly has a list going... on paper, in my head, everywhere. And there are lists for everything... groceries, bills, books to read, places to visit, friends to write, websites to check out, things to learn, things I need to improve in myself, oh the list goes on... uh huh, that was a list of my lists... it's a problem. haha
Interests hugs, dancing in the rain, reading the jokes on laffy taffy, burts bees chapstick, taking lots of pictures, the big sigh after laughing, inside jokes, sidewalk chalk, shopping for office supplies, trimming pots in ceramics, finding Waldo, driving with the windows down and not giving a flip what my hair looks like, floating on my back in the lake, adding books to my wish list on amazon, buying books from my wish list on amazon, mini golf, making lists, holiday socks that never go with anything (I wear them year-round), bowling with the hot pink eight pounder, buying SHOES, having drinks with friends, finding pictures in the clouds, jumping on trampolines, blowing bubbles, finding new music, making banana bread, painting, bottled water, tupperware, writing on the back of photos--it's so smooth, flying in airplanes, people watching, batting cages, naps, being thrifty, long talks with the ones I love, listening to a crowd full of people sing the national anthem, christmas songs, doodling, reading, jewelry, ah hah moments, old family photos... well, just old photos in general
Favorite Movies Chick Flicks! Amelie, Home Alone, Dead Poets Society, The Holiday, Elf, The Last Samurai, American Beauty, Meet Joe Black, A League of Their Own, Ellen stand up comedy, The Goonies, any of the Brat Pack films, Big, Twister, Son in Law, cool Disney films, lots of others I can't think of...
Favorite Music music that I can sing with, that I can dance to, that I can bob my head to, that has good lyrics, that takes me back to a fun time in life, that brings me up, that keeps me goin' on a long roadtrip, that makes me wish I could play guitar, that I can play the air-fiddle with, ha!, that makes me laugh, that makes me cry, that I can turn up really loud in my car, and music that's by my friends. :)
Favorite Books Coffee table books (Found, PostSecret, and Great Lies to Tell Small Kids...ha) Art books, novels by Jennifer Weiner and Nicholas Sparks, how-to art books, self-help books (the cheesier the better), books of stupid facts and quote books. I like Donald Miller. And I like kids books by Peter Reynolds, Madonna, and Graeme Base...