About me

Introduction I am a home schooling mom and wife. I am called to prayer by the Lord and long for intimacy with God. I pray 10 hours a week at RHOP. Favorite food now, a seeded crepe from Trader Joes. I have been married for 13 yrs but have been together since I was 20- yep I was not even legal to have a glass of wine, that threw him off in the beginning! So that makes 17 yrs. I go to a local church with the kids, about 10 years. I have 3 younger bros who are all in different seasons in their lives. Andy and I are 2 yrs apart and he has a daughter 1 yr older then Rory. Jeff who is 10 yrs younger then me is in LA and going to, New York Film Academy. Alex is the youngest but the best looking- he is at UC Santa Cruse. My mom works at a Court house and dad is a retired firefighter.Rod and I love to cook. I love to take pictures and have tea. I sit ALONE & sip in silence or put on a Misty CD (ahhh the peace) I sing for the Lord on Sunday nights at RHOP it is such a blessing.I worship dance with flags when I am moved by the Lord. All in all I desire to know God more and I pray I can make Him known however he desires. To him be the Glory.