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Introduction How is it that San Diego, a city touted for its excellent weather and physically-healthy citizens, can have such a low bike commuter ridership? According to SANDAG’s 2006 Transportation Model data, only .3 (point three)% of commuters in SD were bike commuters. Something is seriously wrong here. One of the purposes of this blog is to find out why. While it’s true that ridership in SD was pathetic in 2006, this bike community has transformed into one of the most progressive communities in USA. For ex., Critical Mass has grown from 35 people in October ‘05 to 1,300 people in July ‘09. In addition, a whole new generation of talented bike-proud “fungineers,” organizers, & artists have re-defined what it means to be a bicyclist. About the name (pronounced 'bike control'):Interestingly, “control” is one of my least favorite words in our language. When it comes to advocacy I believe in communication, cooperation, planning, implementation, & direct action. The name is a play on ‘mic control,’ an expression popular in the hip-hop world which conveys “social-dynamite;”someone whose willing to stand up to say what needs to be said effectively. To enact mainstream change, we need mic control.