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Industry Education
Occupation Outdoor/Environmental/Global Education
Location Dibgy, Nova Scotia
Introduction I am a kindergarten drop out as I discovered quickly that institutionalization was not for me. A year later I relented and started grade school. In the early 1970s my family moved from our small, conservative, Canadian prairie town to Eugene, Oregon, USA for two years. There, I witnessed student Vietnam war protests. I heard explosions on the UofO campus just a few blocks from home. Eugene is only 100 km from the Pacific Coast. I quickly came to love the big trees, crashing ocean surf, and roughing it while camping. The environmental movement was beginning to take off during this time. Years later, my early experience lead me to work as a naturalist on the Canadian prairies and in the Parkland region further north. I studied to become a teacher, with a minor in environmental/global education. After teaching for 10 years, I found I was still not good with being institutionalized. I retired early to a simple, free, and creative life. I enjoy writing about living a small footprint lifestyle, and my ongoing efforts to approach sustainability. I also like to write about nature, and more specifically trees and forests.
Interests Intentional living, the end of globalism, zero-growth sustainable economies, criminalization of advertising, non-violent monumental change, spartan surroundings, freedom, fun-loving people, big trees, comedy, science AND magic, hunter-gatherer tribalism, guitar, art and photography, cooperation, laughter, simple living