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Industry Arts
Occupation Radio Show Host / Stand-up Comedian
Location Hollywood, CA, United States
Introduction Hollywood Hemptress Hour is an internet radio show hosted by Tere Joyce. The show explores the history, present day, and future of the cannabis plant, by projecting a satirical view on our beloved weed’ s cultural, political, and societal myths. Hollywood Hemptress Hour airs live Wednesdays 5-6 PM PST on newdissidentradio.com. Hollywood Hemptress Hour's 420 Hempsters include: Marijuana Icon Craig X Rubin (Weeds), & Cannabis Culinary Artist Shilo Jinglefoot. Tere Joyce is a stand-up comedian/writer and was a former reality television star from the first season of Last Comic Standing. Tere didn’t even own a bong until her brother moved out of their apartment, but something happened in 2007 that turned her into a Marijuana Activist. She and a group of other patients were held at gunpoint by the F.B.I. in a doctor’ s office that was located in the same building as a Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Experiencing the aggression of our government over something the people voted for was the catalyst to the creative pursuit of not only the freedom of Mary Jane, but also the freedom of our own humanity.
Interests The Legalization and education of Cannabis, Companies that have products that are Eco-friendly, and environmentally safe, Alternative healing, Cannabis related non-profit organizations, The end of Cannabis Prohibition, To free those who are incarcerated for Marijuana offenses, Legalizing Industrial Hemp in 2012, The pursuit of freedom in global society, NORML, Marijuana Policy Project, Americans for Safe Access, Infowars.com, Patient Advocacy Network
Favorite Movies "Hempsters" the movie, Bohemian Grove, David Icke's The Matrix, Loose Change, How Weed Won The West, Farenheit 911, Zeitguest Movies, Sicko, Bowling for Colunbine, American War on Drugs, The Obama Deception, Ghetto Physics, What the Bleep do we Know? The Government VS. John Lennon, The Rick Simpson Story
Favorite Music Rock & Roll, Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Raggae, Jazz, Rhythm and Blues, Hip-Hop, Techno, The Beatles, John Lennon
Favorite Books Ganja-Liscious - A Higher Level of Food by Shilo Jinglefoot, The Emperor Wears NO Clothes by Jack Herer

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