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Location Nowheresville, Missouri, United States
Introduction I love ice cream and I hate bugs.
Interests Rhiannon, my family and friends, dancing, fashion, spirituality, banter, reading, open minded people, RPGs, makeup, shoes, fun, blogging, harassing the feeble minded, glitter, sunglasses, parenting, pink, working out, early childhood, tarot, sociology, advertising, politics, obscure references, music, driving, sarcasm, romance, the color pink, HDR photography, sweet gadgets, making up my own words, being the life of the party, your mom, food, and many, many other things.
Favorite Movies So so so many. Not girly chick crap, though. Like, I loathe The Notebook with all my being.
Favorite Music Tons
Favorite Books Too many. Reading is a huge passion.

Well, maybe they don't need them, but don't you think that some fish might like a bicycle?

No. Fish don't have feet. So they'd be forever taunted by the cool bike that they could never actually ride. And since they have no memory, they'd always forget that they couldn't. Do you enjoy torturing fish? I don't.