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Location Texas
Introduction I am a Mom to 5 amazing children, and soon to be grandma! My mother taught me to make my first dress at age 11. As a teen we lived abroad, and the local clothing stores didn't have my size (they were little people). If I wanted new clothes, I had to make them! I have sewn everything from basic home decor items to dress-up clothes, I stop at prom dresses. I started quilting in 2007 when I had 3 talented quilters in my life. "Google Blog" has since been my classroom. I love comments, they let me know I'm not just talking to myself :) I also love to garden. You may ask what my favorite plant is . . . a maiden hair fern. Thanks for visiting
Interests quilting, sewing, creating, gardening, truth, sleeping, bird watching, ballet, chocolate, organizing, reading, traveling abroad, working out, peace and quiet, family time, painting watercolors, not in that order