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Gender MALE
Industry Engineering
Occupation Engineer
Location Las Vegas, NV, United States
Introduction I'm one of those guys thathas it made, and doesn't deserve any of it.
Interests Long walks on the beach, singing in the rain, reading poems... Haha j/k. --------> I enjoy TRAVELING. My job (which is traveling). Playing guitar (8 years now). DJing. Gettin' small. Flirting. Crossing things off lists. Human evolution. Good vibrations. Weirdos "Artists". Criminals. Junkies. Collecting things. Human rights. The homeless. Squatters. The future. Winning games. Pretty girls. Talking to police. Dreams and what they can make you do. Reading books. Back rubs (receiving). Productive mornings. Making music (beats, synths, and all that). Drinking. Tomfoolery. Motorcycle rides through Red Rock. MIAMI and LA. Brainstorming new ways to make money. SEC football. My dogs. Adventures. Apple anything. Talk radio. Reading people by the way they look at me. The ocean. Doing really difficult math problems at work and patting myself on the back when I finish them. NPR. Getting to know genuine, good-hearted, honest people. Coffee. Disinterests: FLAKES: In any sense of the word, if you say you're going to do something, keep your word. Wearing socks: I know it makes your feet stink, but I still hate them. Empty words. Mexican food. Tequila (also Mexican). When people say "get at me". People that don't have anything interesting to talk about. The word "industry". Chicks who are bums and don't have jobs... are ya kidding me? This one guy that came up to me in a club and told me he could get me anything in Vegas. George Bush (currently at a 28% approval rating. ATTA BOY G.W.
Favorite Movies Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What Dreams May Come. Fight Club. Simon Birch. The Departed. Meet Joe Black. Requiem for a Dream. Rules of Attraction. Closer. Hackers. Borat. Wedding Crashers. Casino. The Godfather. Goodfellas. Pool Hall Junkies.
Favorite Music Music Music: Peak hour electro and progressive house is what I play. But I get down to everything from drum and bass and electro-step to soul and motown. I probably have more music that anyone you've ever known on every type of media (vinyl LPs - 33s, 45s, CDs, mp3s, tapes.... kind of a junkie.
Favorite Books CHUCK PALAHNIUK. (read Choke or Lullabye) The Great Gatsby. Great Expectations. The Basketball Diaries. -->(wretched!) Oedipus the King. A Clean, Well Lighted Place. (Hemingway shorts) etc. Don't laugh. Some of the best writers were journalists: M. DEIBLER, A MUCH-FEARED MAN Much-Feared Man ss Monsieur Deibler- The Toronto Daily Star, April 1, 1922 (Hemingway again) As for other reading material: The San Jose Merc. Some book called The God Delusion. The Associated press. TMZ. (NAILED TO THE MAN) BBC Online ..... Drudge Report every day. New York Times, & creepy books about Janice Dickinson. Oh yeah, and young kids getting their assholes sucked out of drainpipes while they drown. (aka The Haunted. READ IT.)