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Industry Biotech
Occupation Quality Control Supervisor
Location Portland, Oregon, United States
Introduction I used to be an Art Major, but the (late) owner of the company I work for certified me as a scientist (I asked him to put it in writing – never mind that he signed it with an ‘X’). Back in the olden days when I was trying to be an artist, my instructors criticized my inability to transcend narrative imagery. That explains the name of my photo-blog, The Narrative Image. I don’t know for sure if I’m being stubborn or simply contrarian. Now, I’m an imposter in two worlds - the world of science and the world of touchy feely art things. I ultimately hope to synthesize a personal perspective of the world that incorporates both domains. The Old Testament Creation Narrative suggests that we are made in God’s image. I take that to mean we can sometimes be creative and make or build things. When I take my camera out on the trail I look for some kind of fingerprint or some sense of style that elicits a sense of awe at the eddies along the river of entropy that foster life and complexity.
Interests How to survive Kayak expeditions, photography, Hiking, Evolution, Historical Biblical Criticism, Skepticism, Faith, Fossils, Native American rock art, crazy untenable ideas like the golden rule, true love, and why can't we all get along?