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Gender MALE
Industry Arts
Occupation Collector of Drawings, Paintings and Graphics
Location Gainesville, FL, United States
Introduction After my early retirement I went back to school to train in Fine Arts - Studio Painting at the University level. During my required life drawing classes, I became enamoured with the beauty of the nude, both male and female. Online I bought my first 19th Century work of the Academic Nude. I was hooked. It is such a shame that more Museums do not collect and display them but I guess they are considered minor works by such august bodies. I have amassed a nice collection of drawings, paintings, watercolors, and graphic works that adorn every wall in my home. Ocassionally I sell on eBay, passing along the joy of ownership to other collectors. That joy of collecting is the inspiration for my blog. I have tried not to limit myself to strictly 19th century works but instead include works from what I consider to be the Golden Age of the Art Academy, mid-18th to early 20th centuries. By the advent of modernism and the 1920's, the party was literally over. The academy system with its salons had collapsed and the strict academic teaching methods all but forgotten.
Interests Collecting 19th Century Academic Drawi8ngs, Paintings, and Graphic works.
Favorite Movies Twilight Series (call me romantic, I don't care)
Favorite Music Eda James