Jolly Chainsaw

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Gender Male
Occupation Chainsaw Purist Woodcarver
Location West Virginia, United States
Introduction 36 years wise, imagination of a child, with the energy of an 18 year-old. Truly a force to be reckoned with....
Interests I like to make art from wood with a chainsaw. Simple, eh? I am also a bad poet. I like to watch cartoons and play Xbox with my son.
Favorite Movies Old samurai/kung-fu flicks...
Favorite Music Classical, classic rock, name it....except I hate "new country."
Favorite Books "Dr. Excitment's elixir of Longevity". Anything by Nietzsche, Hesse, Hemmingway, Bukowski..etc.

How tall would you be if you had never cut your fingernails?

A very tall, fearsome, backwoods shambling nightmare of a man....Sasquatch would piss his fur at the sight of me.